Tie knot

  Tie knot

Many men don't like tying tie knots. When not routined, trying to follow instructions on how to tie a tie can be very time consuming and frustrating. Even men who have to wear a tie very often because of their profession often find it an annoying procedure to make a nice tie knot every day.

With our Lazytie, wearing a tie gets very comfortable and easy:
All you need to do is to slip the tie over your neck and zip it up for the perfect fit!

The tie knot of the Lazytie is equivalent to the double windsor knot, which is very popular today. The double windsor knot is a very well shaped, full tie knot.

It is understandable that many men loose interest in wearing a tie because of the complicated way of tying a tie.

Wear a Lazytie and be perfectly styled within seconds; for a special event as well as for a professional appearance.

Do you still prefer to make a tie knot yourself? 

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