The pre-tied tie

  The pre-tied tie in the past

The pre-tied tie is not a new invention, but until today (if at all) known as a bad imitation of classic ties to tie yourself. Therefore, it was currently unimaginable for men who pay attention to a professional attire to wear a pre-tied tie.

But in todays fast world, it can be very annoying having to tie a perfect tie knot and find the optimal length. 

  Lazytie: today's pre tied-tie

With the so called "Lazytie" developed by us, there finally is a perfectly pre-tied tie available in different lengths, which, when worn, cannot be differentiated from a classic tie to tie yourself and which can be put on within a few seconds only.

A Lazytie is the ideal tie for men which do not know how to tie a tie or which have to wear a tie very often and do not always like to or have the time to tie a nice knot.