What is a Lazytie?

  What is a Lazytie?

Do you not know how to tie a tie or not like tying a tie?

If so we have good news for you: 
Finally the hassle of tying a tie is a thing of the past! No more slopy tie knots or ties bound too long or too short!

Now there is the Lazytie
, the perfectly pre-tied tie with the beautifully shaped, full tie knot and the optimal length. It only takes a few seconds to put a Lazytie on. When worn, a Lazytie cannot be differentiated from a normal tie to tie yourself.

If you haven't experienced the comfort of a Lazytie yet, you don't know what you're missing!

photo oft the pre-tied tie Lazytie all pre-tied ties of the label Lazytie are made of 100% silk No instructions how to tie a tie needed

The new, perfectly pre-tied tie called Lazytie.

This is how it works

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